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My next journey

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I have had a bit of a lull after Boston. To be honest, I had some lingering disappointment.

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I found myself happy with my performance for the day. Yet, still disappointed, I put so much time and effort into the race and fell short. The marathon can be a bit of a wild beast. Unlike shorter distances, so much can go right but if one tiny element (weather, fueling, hydration, pacing, ect.) is off it can cause your whole day to fall apart.Read More »

Post Season Reset

You may, or may not have noticed.  Runcanvas has taken a much needed two week break.  Sometimes we need a moment to step back, relax and reset.  Runcanvas will be back, in full force next week. Until then, check out this awesome guest post by Zolts Running. 

Boston Finish

Photo by the Boston Globe (link to

If you are at all like me, you are already planning your fall race schedule and contemplating new goals for them even though the spring racing season isn’t quite over. Or, perhaps you just ran a PR in your goal race and are already plotting your next attempt. While this can be both exciting and productive, it is also important to prepare to take a step or two back to rest and reflect on how things went this season before getting too hung up on where to go next. This will help prevent injury and burnout later.Read More »


Training in the summer heat


It’s starting to get warm around here, and I love it! I love warm summer time and the warm weather that comes with it.  It helps that as a teacher, I don’t work.  I enjoy training in this weather as well.  I will take hot summer weather over cold winter weather any day. Training in the heat definitely comes with its own troubles and challenges, so you need to take steps to ensure your training safely.  The good news is, heat training can have additional training benefits.

sweat sparkle

How does heat affect your run?

When you run in the heat, you are probably aware that your body perspires more. The perspiration isn’t what cools you down, but the evaporation of sweat. *Nerd Alert* Middle School Science Lesson* Sweat is a liquid.  As those liquid molecules heat up on the surface of our skin, they begin to move more rapidly.  Heat is energy. The heat from your body is transferred to those droplets of sweat on the surface of your skin.  The increased energy begins to break the bonds that hold the liquid together and the liquid changes states of matter, from a liquid to a gas.  This is evaporation.  As the sweat evaporates, the heat (energy) is removed and your body cools. Humidity levels can impact how quickly that sweat evaporates, slowing down the cooling process.Read More »


Weekly Recap, May 1st-May 7th-Still taking it easy

   Another weekly recap, where I don’t have a whole lot of fancy workouts to write about. Just easing my way back into training after my marathon.  It was a fun week though, and great weather. Plus, my birthday!

Here is my weekly recap

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Runner Problems-When Nature Calls

Let’s be honest, we have all been there. Probably multiple times.  You are on a run, and nature is calling.  Panic begins to settle in because you are miles away from the restroom.  This is a potty emergency!

It’s almost a rite of passage.  Your not a real runner until you have experienced a bathroom crisis while on a run.  Although embarrassing, you are not alone. So check out some of these Runner problems-When nature calls.

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Ditch the Treadmill and Run in the Rain

If you live in the Midwest, you may have forgotten what the sun looks like over the weekend, as we have had tons of rain.  This has many runners heading indoors for the treadmills or skipping their workouts all together.  For me, if there isn’t lightening, I plan to head outside. 

Running outside in the rain doesn’t have to be a miserable experience.  Just like running in the super cold temperatures, the key is dressing appropriately for the weather.  I have included a few tips for making your runs in the rain more enjoyable, or at least help avoid a miserable disaster.Read More »