Anxiety on the run, breaking the link

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my struggle with anxiety and how it had began to creep into my running (read about it hear).   Hind sight is always 20/20 and when reflecting on the time period leading up to the anxiety attacks I began to have while running, I could see my bodies warning signs.  img_0404

I feel like in a very small amount of time I have made a huge amount in personal growth in overcoming the panic attacks.  The key was breaking the link between running and anxiety.  Oddly enough, actual stress inducing events are not the cause for most of my anxiety issues.  Its the fear of my own anxiety that seems to send me spiraling out of control.

So once a small amount of anxiety began to creep into my running, every time I began a new run it would trigger my anxiety.  Each time producing a larger reaction until my worst panic attack, which I wrote about previously. I knew I couldn’t continue this process and enjoy running. So I had decided to step back before I could move forward.  I received so many amazing responses, DMs and emails of others who connected with my struggles with anxieties. This  made me feel so much stronger and less isolated.

Shortly after my post I had the Good Life Halfsy race, which turned into a tour of Lincolns finest porta-potties.  The anxiety wasn’t going away that quickly.  I came home a tad deflated but also a bit relieved.  I know its weird, but not racing well took some pressure off of me for this training cycle. I was ready to move into unstructured base training and off season fun.

I ended up getting the flu shortly after.  Laid up on the couch for a week.  While recovering I ended up with an upper respiratory infection which didn’t completely lay me out but did make running nearly impossible without the need of an inhaler.  The silver lining to this was a forced break.  This gave me even more reason to listen to my body and back off on any structured running. Easing into things as I felt like it.

Having fun at KC Group run!

This past week was a huge break through for me in dissociating  running and anxiety.  I recognized my bodies need for rest and recovery.  I was very mindful in running with friends and joining group runs while also adding in other cross training actives based solely on what sounded most interesting.

You can read about my weekly recap here

My plan is to continue with this plan though CIM.  I will run California international for fun and less for time.  I hope to cheer on my awesome friends who have big time goals and my father who is completing is first marathon.  While also spending some time with the hubby child free.

I am not letting go of my goals. I will maintain my fitness and come out stronger.  I haven’t set up a specific follow up goal race or start date for training. Right now I am focusing first on having fun and when my base becomes to grow I will look into a new goal race and the new journey I will take to get there.

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RunCanvas weekly wrap up – November 12th-18th

It’s been a while since I have done a weekly wrap up, but I miss these simple posts and it honestly adds a bit of accountability for myself.  After a round of the flu, followed by an upper respiratory infection. This week I was finally feeling like myself again.  I decided to start slow and focus not only on running but also on all the other little things that support a quality running base.  

Honestly, I am completing things based a lot more on interest and my mood at this point and will wait to add structure to my workouts late December or January.  Ironically, I always end up with pretty solid workout and my mileage usually climbs fairly easily when I just run and workout based on feel 

Here was what my week looked like

  • Monday 6 miles @ 7:19 pace + lower body/glute exercises
    • I had planned on 4 miles but ended up with 6 as I started a new audio book (How Bad Do You Want It? By Matt Fitzgerald) and I wanted to complete one more chapter.img_0808
    • After the run I complete a few simple exercises; calf raises, butt bridges, plank lifts, lunges, squats and donkey kicks.  I had intended to take a few insta-worthy pics but I get self conscious when others are at the gym.


  • Tuesday- 6.02 miles @ 7:37 +strides+abs
    • Grabbed some easy miles with my teammate and co-worker.  It is a cooler day but once we got running it was pretty darn nice.  After the run I did 4 x 10 second strides to get a little bit of turn over.  My plan is to be more consistent with these and build on them as the winter goes on.
    • After I went back home, my daughter joined me for a short core workout on the stability ball.  She loves joining me for my at home workout activities and I love showing her how much fun an active lifestyle can be.

5 big ticket gift ideas for your favorite runner

  • Wednesday- 6 miles @ 7:14 pace +squat session
    • Joined KC Running Company group run for a stride workout/run.  Pretty easy gong evening and group.  We did 6 miles and every half mile we through in a 60 a second surge.
    • After the run Caleb led us in a fun squat session to the song “Relax.”

Book Review-The Science of Running:…

  • Thursday- 5.68 miles @ 7:50
    • I thought I was going to be running solo today but luckily a friend messaged us that afternoon looking for some company and I jumped at the chance. We got in a really chill run on a trail by my house.  We ran by time and got in 45 minutes. When I am base building I like to run a lot more by time verse distance and will probably continue that a lot more through this next training cycle.
    • After my run I got in another core stability workout with my mini workout out partner.  I was feeling lazy but she begged me, and I was pretty glad she did.
  • Friday- Scheduled Rest Day
    • Did a random Yoga for Runners video I found on YouTube. My kiddo started with me but I think the slower movement in yoga leaves her bored. She wandered off about half what through the 15 minutes video.

Running tips for winter weather

  • Saturday- 15.90 miles @ 8:05 +Insanity
    • I kind of, sort of hosted a group run with a local running crew called RUNbelievable.  I just really wanted to start building a consistent group run through the winter that catered to a large variety of runners and differences.  This group was started with that idea and use to host great group runs and tons of runners would join.  I am hoping consistency and continued promotion will allow that group to grow to that again.  Thanks for those who joined us this weekend.
    • After the group run, my daughter wanted to do a workout video with me.  We busted out our old Insanity video and did the Cardio Power and resistance workout. I was surprised, for a lengthy video and workout, she stuck with it.  She of course, added her own spin and it was adorable.   I was quite sore after.


  • Sunday 12.13 @ 7:22
    • I joined some local speedsters for some easy miles on Sunday. I was feeling a bit tired though and decided to pull back the pace on the second half, my run buddy Ben.  It was fun chatting with a couple ladies that will be heading to CIM and racing shortly.


The temperatures were definitely lower than average this week but overall it was pretty solid running weather.  I think the limited wind kept it pretty enjoyable.

Looking forward to-  This week I am looking forward to family coming in town and some time away from work.  The weather also looks like it will be a tad warmer and closer to average for this time of year.  Lots of miles with friends! Plus I picked up another book at the library that I can’t wait to dig into!img_0869

What are you looking forward to this week? Any big holiday plans?

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5 big ticket gift ideas for your favorite runner- Count Down to Christmas- RunCanvas Favorites and Holiday shopping ideas

Last week I did a post Count Down to Christmas- RunCanvas Favorites and Holiday shopping ideas for your runner- Accessories .

I am continuing with that Christmas theme and sharing my 5 favorite big ticket Christmas ideas for runners. I like to get a head start on my holiday shopping.  I don’t want to wait for all the crazies to come out and have to fight through the masses to complete my holiday shopping list. Who are we kidding, I have also been creating my personal Christmas wish list for some time now .  I will have a weekly post focusing on RunCanvas favorites to help you get some ideas for yourself or a runner in your life.

  1. Garmin Watch–  A new GPS watch is a great way to get your favorite runner motivated.  There is a huge variety of watches so if you are looking into getting one, make sure you have an idea of the needs for your particular runner. Obviously, the more expensive watch usually comes with more bells and whistle but you may be paying for features you don’t really need.  Here are a few ideas to help you narrow your selection
      • Garmin Forerunner 35-   Basic Garmin watch, this watch has a smaller face but still easy to read all of the data needed.  Not as many bells and whistles, however it has everything even a competitive runner really needs.  Probably my favorite model and the one I am putting on my personal list
  •  Garmin Forerunner 235–  Step up from the 35. This watch has a larger face a few more features. If you have a runner who likes to cross train, this watch may be a great option.  Additional add on for biking and swimming available in bundles as well.
  • Garmin Vivo Active- This is a great running watch that can double as a fitbit/step counter.  With all of the major functionality of a running watch but also tracking of a life style watch.  Get your text messages, calls and notifications on the go.
  1. Air Relax recovery system- I got one of these last year for my birthday and I stinking love it.  I use it constantly and it is well worth the price.  There are other brands, like Normatec. However, I don’t feel like the quality of product or features justifies the huge price difference.

  1. Shoes, Shoes and more shoes-  Running shoes can come in all kinds of price ranges. The price for shoes seems to be climbing.  If you have a runner in your life, you need to head to your fave local running shop and put at least one pair under the tree! If you are in the KC area you need to stop by KC Running Company for your shoe and racing gift ideas!
  2. img_0727
  3. Caleb leading the Wednesday night crew in some simple strength training. Join us every Wednesday for a fun and structured speed workout.
  4. Wireless headphones–  If your runner likes to jam out while getting their run in, getting some quality wireless headphones are a great idea. I have the Apple Airpods and they are awesome. The do not budge when I am working out the the case holds an additional 24 hour charge so you don’t have to worry about charging it between runs.  Obviously, it is your best option if you have other Apple products to pair it with.
  5. Treadmill –  Although I am not a huge fan of treadmills, I wish I had one to make balancing my work, family and training life a tad easier at times.  There are so many features and price ranges for a treadmill. You really need to know what your runners needs are before shopping.

What big ticket items are you hoping to see under your Christmas Tree? Comment below!

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Book Review-The Science of Running: How to find your limit and train to maximize your personal performance #allaboutrunning Wednesday Blog Link up!

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Running Book Reviews and Recommendations- #allaboutrunning Wednesday Blog Link up

The Science of Running: How to find your limit and train to maximize your personal performance

© Copyright – 2014 – Athletics Illustrated

Author: Steve Magness

ISBN: 978-0615-94294-0

I purchased this book on Amazon. If you use my link I do receive a small compensation. This review was written purely out of interest in the content recommended by another coaching friend. I am in no way affiliated with Steve Magness or any entities tied to this book.

The Science of Runners is written by Steve Magness.  As coach Steve Magness has coached at multiple division 1 school along with working with a handful of professional runners.  Steve Magness worked alongside Alberto Salzaar for a while on the Nike Project as well.  Steve completed his Master degree in Exercise science and has an in depth understanding of the scientific principal of exercising training. You can tell quickly in his book.

Overall this is a content rich book that does take some understanding of the physiological factors of training.  A foundation of biology and chemistry concepts will make reading this book more user friendly.  This book goes more in-depth than the average running book.  Many authors of running content fairly surface level to appeal to a larger audience of readers, Steve goes much more in depth which has some postie and negative.  The book is content rich and references a lot of scientific principals and studies.  However the content can be very dry and read very text book like. Especially the first half.  If you are looking for an easy how-to book for running this probably isn’t what you are looking for.  Magness recognizes that from the start.

The book is separated into two parts.  The first part focusing on the scientific principals while the second part focuses more on a training plan.

Part 1 is the portion that gets into the nitty gritty of science content.  Steve does a great job referencing the limitations of our scientific understandings. He takes a moment to recognize the unknown and every changing limitation to our understandings.  This can cause a disconnect between scientific principals and training practices that are most successful.  Part one contains 13 chapters covering large concepts like gross motors functions all the way down to the microscopic adaptation that occur during training.  Also covering important mental components that occur during racing and that can be training during workouts. Each chapter goes pretty in-depth into the content.

Part 2 is a bit more user friendly for an average runner.  He lays out his plans and how to apply the principal to training.  However, I would say many of these concepts would still be best fit for a runner with a solid training and racing back ground.  With 22 chapters total and the final chapter are all dedicated to application of how to train with physiological factors in mind.

I did a post on Jack Daniels Running Formula and there are some definite similarities but also some key differences.  I believe Jack Daniels book offers more for a variety of abilities.  Jack Daniels plans are also more easy to follow as laid out in his book.  However Magness does a great job of the limitation of training in zones, such as Daniels plans.  Magness looks at the physiological factors as functioning much more on a spectrum.  While Daniels looks at applying limited stress to a specific physiological factor.  Also, Daniels puts a lot of emphasis as VO2 max, while Magness spends a portion of his book arguing against the specific emphasis.

I enjoyed the book overall and look forward to rereading so that I can further absorb some of the more in depth physiological information laid out in the first section. I would recommend this book for science-running nerds, competitive runners and coaches mostly.  While I think it could be a bit content rich and dry for someone looking to read and support more of a casual hobby.

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Running tips for winter weather

It’s my 100th blog post!  I feel like I should celebrate somehow.

I am not sure we had much of a “fall” here in the Kansas City area.  Maybe a 2-3 week window and then super cold temperatures and snow blew in pretty much over night.  Winter training is  important for runners looking for spring PRs and goal races.  Winter running doesn’t have to be a negative.  Being prepared can actually make winter running one of the best times of the year for solid base phase training.

Here are some quick tips and tricks for getting through the winter months and actually ENJOYING it!

  • Dress appropriately!- This is one of the biggest factors.  Runners don’t know how to dress for a variety of temperatures.  There are many images and links that can give you an idea, but a lot of it is really personal preferences.  Dress for temperatures that are 15-20 degrees warmer, layers are your friend!  Utilizing synthetic materials that wick moisture away from your body.  If there is wind, a light shell jacket will help a ton.  Shirts and jackets with a zipper are also a great option as you can move the zipper up and down to act as a sort of thermostat. Again this is very preferential. I don’t like to run in too many articles of restricting clothes, so I will stay in shorts and a long sleeve until sub 20 degree temps.  One of my super talented running buddies, on the other hand, will be in layers on layers in 40 degrees as she prefers to run warmer.
  • Warm up- Start your run easy as your muscles and lunges adjust to the cooler temperatures.  If you are getting a medium or longer run in, do a small loop our out and back and then drop off some layers as your body warms up.
  • Mind the footing- If there is ice or snow on the ground, there are a variety of ways to add stability to your footing which will allow you to run a bit more safely.  My personal preference is adding hexagonal screws to the bottom of my shoes.  You can learn more on my previous post, Screw your running shoes! 
    • Accessories–  The little things can make a big difference!  There are the obvious gloves and ear warmers that help big time.  You can also grab a balaclava or gaiter to help protect your face during freezing temps.  Sunglasses may are also a great way to protect your face from cold winds.  Its surprising how much a pair of sunglasses can help.  When the temps really drop, I also add some hand warmers in my gloves.
    • Be Visible– There are a lot more grey cloudy days it seems in the winter, along with less sun light.  Make sure you are planning ahead and wearing reflective clothing, reflective accessories and lights.  There are so many options popping up on the market right now.

  • Skin and lip protection-  Chap stick is a must in winter running.  Especially on windy days.  Even with the cooler temperatures, if you are running during the day, make sure you have sunscreen on all exposed skin.  The last tip here is Vaseline.  When it is super cold and windy, adding a thin layer of Vaseline to your cheeks can help out tremendously.  Trust me, next time its a negative wind chill you will be glad you tried it.
  • Change and eat immediately-  Get out of your cold wet clothes quickly.  I personally like a nice warm shower and a cup of coffee after a chilly morning run.  It’s definitely harder to get motivated in the morning, however those cold morning runs seem to give me a bit more energy heading into my day.  I build in about 15-20 minutes of lounging around time too.  Eating after a run is a good idea, but after a cold run its even better in helping your body warm up.
  • Accountability– Its so much easier to skip a run when you don’t have that added accountability.  Grab some running buddies or work with a coach to help you maintain consistency through the winter
  • Treadmill- Not my favorite option but still better than not running.  Some people, like myself, loathe the indoor rat wheel.  Other runners I know love and embrace the warm option.  Either way, remember that consistency is the key.

Check out my blog post The Secret to successful run training!- Part 1 of 2

Winter training is the key to your spring goals.  Find some friend, grab your running tights and get out for some miles.  Don’t worry too much if your pace starts out a tad slower its about keeping that base up and maintaining your routine through the darker winter months.  

Check out my blog post on How to be more consistent in your run training. Part 2 of 2

Winter running can be super beautiful, take some time to snap a picture or just appreciate mother nature.  You’ll be cursing the hot summer temps before we know it.  

What are you favorite winter running tips.  I am sure I left some great ideas off!  Comment below!

Need some holiday shopping ideas? Here is the first of my RunCanvas favorites Count Down to Christmas- RunCanvas Favorites and Holiday shopping ideas for your runner- Accessories

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The Secret to successful run training!- Part 1 of 2

Whenever I post tips on run training, I will get follow up questions through comments, email and direct messaging.  Usually the person is asking about advice on specific run training secrets or workouts.  What is the best kind of workout to be doing, what is the correct number of miles, how long should a training cycle be and so on.  While, there is definitely some best practices that many successful run coaches will utilize, along with scientific reasoning to support different styles of training.  We are all different and our bodies may respond differently to training stimulus.  So what is the secret to successful endurance run training? Consistency.

There is no magic bullet for endurance training, endurance training takes time and consistency to yield positive results.  When you fail to train, consistently, one of two things usually happens.

  • You training is lacking and your don’t progress toward your goals as you had hoped. This is really the best outcome for training inconsistency

  • You try to make up for missed training. Usually, this coincides with pushing mileage and workouts to quickly results in over-training and injuries.

Running consistently; over days, weeks, months and into years will result in consistent growth and progress.  Once you have built up the consistency, then you can begin splitting hairs on which types of workouts yield the best training results.  Otherwise, the best plans and workouts will fall short.

Consistent training allows you to build your training mileage and build upon workouts while being at less risk for injury.    This consistency will also allow you to better recover from illness as your will retain those training benefits longer.

Do you struggle with consistency?  I know I have.  As I move into the next stage of my run training, I will be focusing much more on consistency then on building upon specific workouts or structured training.  Once I have a solid foundation, I can begin adding in those other items.

What has been your biggest limiting factors to training consistency? How can you overcome those obstacles?

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How to be more consistent in your run training. Part 2 of 2

Previous – The Secret to successful run training!

Training consistency is the single biggest factor to building success in endurance training.  If it were that easy, however, we would all be much better at sticking to our plan.  How can you build more consistency in your running?

Check out these tips below

    1. Start small- You are much more likely to stick with things if you start off small and progress at a reasonable level.  Remember running needs to be fun. When you build too quickly it becomes much more physically and mentally stressful. Start smaller than you need to, and give yourself credit for building the consistency.
    2. Keep track-  Utilize some form of calendar to keep track of your training.  There are many apps available that you can use.  You can use your phone, sync your watch or enter your training in manually.  You can also go old school and use paper and pencil.  I actually use both.  My Garmin Watch automatically syncs to my phone via blue tooth so it takes no effort on my end.  I also, love the Believe journal that I got from my husband for Christmas.  I love adding in personal, diary like information in the journal as I track my success.  I also find the written down information much easier to look back and reflect on.
    3. Run with friends/groups-  Running with others makes running more enjoyable and adds in an element of accountability.  Just yesterday, I joined my friend on a run.  I was feeling super drained.  I may not have complete even 15 minutes if it weren’t for him.  I was able to complete my 7 miles and enjoy it through conversation.  Much more so, than if I had headed out the door alone.  Friends make running easier and more fun. If you don’t know a lot of people around who run.  Look into joining a running group.  Lots of times, local running stores and clubs will offer weekly meets ups to get other runners involved.   In KC we have tons of options and it seems like more and more are being added.
    4. Mix things up  Like anything, doing the same thing all of the time can be monotonous and boring.  So look into ways to mix into some variety into your training.  It can be as simple as heading to a new route, trying a new trail.  Mix in a new style of workout or find some new friends to join (see #3).  Either way, mix things up every once in a while.  It will keep it fun and give you something to look forward too.
    5. Enter some races– I am typically more consistent in my training once I have some races on the calendar.  I like to get at least one race in every 4-6 weeks.  This again, is another way to break of the monotony of training.  I don’t race every event, I definitely don’t taper for each event.  It’s still fun, gets me involved with the running community and adds a little bit more fun to a typical training dayimg_4817.
    6. Schedule your runs-  It sounds silly, but schedule your runs into your day.  It’s only a priority if you make it.  Getting up early can be hard, but its also the best way to get it done before anything else can creep up and get in the way.  Another great option is complete your workout before you head home. This again, prevents time from slipping away, you from getting too tired.  Get it done, set a time aside that is protected and make it a priority.  Once its done, you won’t regret it and you also wont have it lingering over you.
    7. Run for a cause–  Find a race or event that’s benefiting a cause that means a lot to you, is a great way to stay motivated.  There are small local races you can enter, or you can check off a bucket list race like Chicago or Boston by raising money for one of their charity groups that also guarantee entry.  Then you are running for something bigger than yourself.  Just make sure its a charity or event that means something to you so that it doesn’t become another thing that stresses you out and makes you not enjoy the process.  Another option is a group called, I run for Micheal.  This group matches runners with people who have different needs and maybe can not run for themselves.  You can also run for sibling who can sometimes become the unsung heroes of the family.  Checkout the page for more information. Irun4
    8. Rethink your “off days”-  When you are building a routine, breaking that routine can have a domino effect.  So start rethinking your “off day” as more of active recovery days.  Use the time to do something productive, go for a walk or cross train. I like to continue to add in workouts like yoga or strength training so that I can continue to add something to my training journal.  Sometimes its as easy as an Epsom salt bath, my air relax boots and light stretching.  I am still filling that time with run related activities.
    9. Hire a coach-  Any runner can benefit from a coach.  Your running coach can help you build consistency, training safely and push you to the next stage in your running journey.  A good coach will help you balance your life and running commitments.  A running coach is great for runners looking to chase a new distance, new runners who are getting started, runners who are looking to chase a goal time or BQ.
      1. Shameless plug of self promotion here.  I am starting a new RunCanvas Coaching adventure.  Check it out!


    10. Move on when you slip up-  We are all going to have those days.  There is no point in stressing yourself out, or allowing negative self talk to creep in when we miss a day.  Sometimes we take breaks because life happens and sometimes we take breaks because we make excuses.  Either way, move on.  

What are some ways that you have been able to build more consistency into your training?

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